Aaron Oddy

Aaron Oddy

Sales Engineer, Centiel UK Ltd


I joined Centiel UK in early 2020 as a Sales Engineer with responsibility for generating new hardware sales enquiries, plus on-site surveys and the management of key accounts. My role is key in bringing Centiel’s class-leading Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) technology to the UK market and demonstrating the Centiel brand as the most innovative UPS manufacturer in the market today.

Prior to joining Centiel UK, I worked for Harland Simon UPS Ltd as an industrial sector manager for four years, where I developed my skills and experience in technical sales. As a sector manager, I was responsible for providing key account management and sales support to clients delivering large scale industrial projects. I also have a vast knowledge of IP rated UPS solutions and containerised plant room projects.


My expertise and market knowledge enable me to ensure that clients have the highest level of power protection and efficiency, placing the right product for each application.

Areas of expertise


UPS Hardware & Service Consultancy * Modular & Standalone UPS Sales * IP Rated UPS Systems * UPS Lifecycle Replacements * Single Phase UPS Sales * Li-ion Battery Solutions


Li-ion: The Sky’s the Limit

Picture a medical facility and the only place to install a new UPS system is within a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) building or a container on the roof top.  Immediately, there will be challenges with weight and space.  Although GRP’s are designed to be light,...

Smart UPS Configuration

The ideal comms room design scenario would be the perfect sized space to house your UPS, batteries, switchgear, and any associated equipment. However, this is not always the reality of the situation!  This is where a clever approach to room layout is required. One key...

Living with Your UPS

Aaron Oddy, Sales Engineer, explains the benefits of working with a UPS partner that is hands-on, flexible and prepared to solve any challenges. Most new build UPS installations are fairly straightforward.   These are often in datacentres or large offices where space...

One Year On

We asked Aaron Oddy what his first year at Centiel has been like and how one of the most unprecedented years has impacted this? I joined leading UPS manufacturer, CENTIEL a year ago as the Swiss company continues to expand in the UK. It was certainly a challenging...

Smart UPS Configuration

By Aaron Oddy sales engineer CENTIEL UK Ltd Great interior design is all about form and function. Practical UPS and comms room design has some similarities. However, we need to be able to work in the space rather than live in it! The ideal design scenario would be the...

Do the Numbers Add Up?

By Aaron Oddy Sales Engineer, CENTIEL UK There comes a tipping point where over the long-term, the cost to replace equipment becomes less than the cost to maintain and repair it.  For any item of kit, this calculation needs to take into account a number of variables,...

Getting the Best from Your Batteries

How can facilities maximise performance and get the best from their batteries? Aaron Oddy, sales engineer at Centiel UK examines the issue. Batteries make up around 50% of the cost of a UPS purchase, so maximising their design life is essential. VRLA batteries usually...

Select the Correct IP Rating to Protect Your UPS

A UPS IP rating of IP20 means the UPS enclosure only protects against solid objects of over 12mm and has no moisture protection. When it comes to power protection a UPS is an important investment and so it needs to be kept in suitable conditions to optimise its design...


CENTIEL Strengthens Team as UK Expansion Continues

Leading UPS manufacturer, CENTIEL UK, has further strengthened its team as the company continues to expand in the UK.   Aaron Oddy has been appointed as a new sales engineer with responsibility for generating new hardware sales enquiries, plus on-site surveys and the...
Contact Information

Email: Aaron.Oddy@centiel.co.uk

Mobile: +44 7545 663279

Office: 01420 82031

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