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Andrew Skelton

PowerWave Battery Replacement

Know Your Batteries

By Andrew Skelton, Operations Director, CENTIEL UK When the mains fail, the only thing protecting the critical load...

Louis McGarry - Centiel Critical Power UPS Resilience Sales and Marketing Director

CENTIEL Confirms Senior Appointments

Louis McGarry comments: “I joined CENTIEL to be part of something different. Launching the CENTIEL brand and delivering the latest UPS technology has certainly been different! Being part of a team of experts who have an agile approach and a shared goal has been key the company’s growth and to our success.

Centiel Swiss-based Uninterruptible Power Supplies Manufacturer Logo

CENTIEL Appoints New Operations Manager

Andrew Skelton originally completed his apprenticeship in Electrical & Electronic Engineering in 2008 while at Benning UK, where he worked for six years in a variety of roles including product engineer, sales engineer and projects manager. He joins CENTIEL from AVK-SEG (UK) Ltd where he was a technical engineer for three years, responsible for design on turnkey UPS and Generator project.

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