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David Bond Centiel UK

Why We Must Reduce the Environmental Cost of UPS

Most companies have environmental policies. However, the majority still reward staff for buying the ‘cheapest’ option rather than incentivising staff to reduce environmental impact. Understandably, executives at board level are driven to improve profit margins and they have responsibility to their shareholders to grow revenues, but at what cost to our environment? Surely, they also have a responsibility to reduce carbon footprints to protect the world we all, including shareholders, live in.

Environmental Considerations When Purchasing a UPS. Beware, operating efficiency of UPS are often stated by manufacturers as being ‘greater than 99%’, however, this 99% efficiency is related to ‘offline’ operation or ‘ecomode’.

Environmental Considerations When Purchasing a UPS

Beware, operational efficiencies are often stated by manufacturers as being ‘greater than 99%’, however, this 99% efficiency is related to ‘offline’ operation or ‘ecomode’. No datacentre ever operates on this mode as they would be operating on raw mains and only transferring (with a short break in power) to full UPS operation when there is a problem. True online efficiency is the important percentage to compare UPS solutions as this indicates the real UPS operating efficiency.

How much does UPS efficiency actually cost?

How much does UPS efficiency actually cost?

The operating efficiency of a UPS solution and its total cost of ownership are closely linked, and the most environmentally friendly systems enjoy ongoing operational cost savings. For contractors, getting the ‘best deal’ for any organisation is important. However, if we take a long-term view and add the cost of air conditioning, running costs, maintenance, repairs and spares to the initial purchase price, what is actually the ‘best deal’, both financially for the organisation and in terms of the environment is drawn into question.

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Q&A with David Bond UPS Industry Expert

What would you take to a desert island and why?
The practical part of me would want to take a bow and arrow, however, I would actually take a wine making kit as it would help me pass the time on the island more enjoyably and at least I would starve to death happy.

Mike Elms Managing Director Centiel UK

CENTIEL Appoints Mike Elms as Managing Director

Leading UPS manufacturer, CENTIEL SA, has appointed Mike Elms as managing director of its UK subsidiary, CENTIEL UK Ltd. Elms, who first joined the company as sales and marketing director last year, has more than 25 years’ experience in the UPS industry and will now have overall responsibility for driving the UK business forwards as part of CENTIEL’s global expansion plans.

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