Continuous Power Availability – Critical Power Protection Company of the Month

Mike Elms MD Centiel UK Swiss UPS Manufacturer

In the September 2021 issue of Building and Facilities News, CENTIEL is named as Critical Power Protection Company of the Month.

Established in April 2015, CENTIEL is a Swiss-based technology company, which designs and manufactures UPS.  Although CENTIEL is a new name within the critical power protection industry, the company’s DNA runs deep and its research and development team introduced many of the innovations that revolutionised UPS design.

CENTIEL UK is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CENTIEL, established in October 2017 through the acquisition of a long standing UPS service company.  The addition of a sales function, with Centiel’s innovative products, to the existing service expertise has meant the company is growing rapidly. As a global brand with partners around the world selling, installing, and maintaining CENTIEL’s solutions, the company maintains its operations on a global scale.

“CENTIEL provides critical power protection solutions and services to ensure maximum power availability.  We like to offer ourselves as trusted advisors on all things UPS related. We work in many industry sectors including datacentres, medical, education, government, and banking, all requiring the same level of protection for their IT systems.” Stated Mike Elms, Managing Director.

“We are engineers, businesspeople and innovators who are customer-led and work in partnership with our clients as trusted advisors.  We have an agile management structure, so decisions are made quickly.  Ensuring our clients get the best and most available critical power protection solution. I like to think we are the opposite of the ‘computer says no’ type of company, dedicated to helping our customers whatever their challenge and timescale.” Added Mike.

A notable product for the company is its CumulusPower a Swiss made 3-phase, online double-conversion and fully decentralised modular Uninterruptible Power Supply. Renowned for its flexibility, scalable, true modular UPS, CumulusPower is known for its decentralised architecture, distributed decision-making technology, triple communications system, and industry-leading system availability.

“CumulusPower reduces total cost of ownership through high efficiencies of >97.1%.  Its safe-hot swap functionality ensures modules can be installed/replaced/maintained without the requirement to put the UPS system into bypass. Modules can be fully isolated and tested within a running frame before accepting any load.  This means that CumulusPower is currently the safest and most reliable UPS available for power protection.” Explained Mike.

In terms of recent developments, CENTIEL has been fortunate in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic and has maintained and seen impressive growth.

“We have all seen the fast-track nationwide Nightingale Hospitals in the news, the Pandemic has accentuated the requirement to strengthen the infrastructure within the Medical segment.   So, for us it has been an especially busy time.” Mike continued, “Since the establishment of CENTIEL UK, we have grown significantly, installing >25 MW of power protection in the UK during that short time.  As a result of our expansion and growth plans, we are always on the lookout for more like-minded people to help us realise our goals.”

With a focus on constant development, CENTIEL has many plans for the future. Utilising its R&D team, the company continues to develop its industry-leading true modular solution, enhancing functionality even further.

“I firmly believe that as a long-term strategy we are not here just to sell customers ‘equipment’ but to build relationships.” Mike stated, “By understanding our clients’ needs better, we can propose the best solution and maintain it for optimal functionality over its lifespan, which should be the next 10-20 years.”

Originally featured in the September 2021 edition of  Building and Facillities News

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