Gerardo Lecuona

Co-founder, Sales Director, Board Member of Centiel SA

Gerardo Lecuona studied electronics engineer at university of Guadalajara, Mex, he holds a Masters of Science in embedded systems design from the Advanced Learning and Research Institute in Switzerland and master’s in business administration (MBA) from Milan Polytechnic. In 2008 Gerardo joined Newave SA, the Swiss Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) manufacturer as an R&D engineer and started developing modular uninterruptible power supplies. Taking later in 2010 the role of project manager, Gerardo participated in the design of the third generation of three-phase modular UPS technology and a range of transformerless Uninterruptible Power Supply. In 2012 Gerardo was appointed to lead the Research and Development organisation in Newave. In February 2012 Newave was acquired by ABB and in 2013 Gerardo was appointed to lead the Technology division as Technology Director for UPS and successfully managed the integration into ABB.

In 2015 Gerardo co-founded Centiel. In his role of Global Sales, Gerardo is bringing Centiel’s leading technology to the market and building the Centiel brand as the most innovative UPS manufacturer

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