Aaron Oddy, Sales Engineer, explains the benefits of working with a UPS partner that is hands-on, flexible and prepared to solve any challenges.

Most new build UPS installations are fairly straightforward.   These are often in datacentres or large offices where space is not generally an issue.   However, more challenges tend to crop up when it comes to replacing legacy systems in older style buildings.  Here, perhaps the critical load which needs protecting has grown, and the room that houses the UPS is small with access restrictions.

In these situations, an on-site survey is essential.  As sales engineers, we assess the space to solve logistical challenges due to access and these can be many and varied!  For example: we’ve recently worked on a project where a telehandler was needed to deliver the UPS through a small hole in a wall at a secure facility, and another where the solution needed to be craned onto the seventh floor of a high-rise building.   An upfront on-site survey can ensure all access challenges are solved well in advance, so the actual installation goes as smoothly as possible.

The on-site survey is also important for the room layout as this needs careful consideration and advance planning.  Although UPS occupy a relatively small foot print these days, their associated batteries do need sufficient space.  For example: a string of batteries could weigh more than a tonne, so we need to ensure that the floor is going to be strong enough for this added weight.   Bespoke battery racks can be developed, and steal plinths can be installed under the floor to act as a weight bearing base.

Intelligent room layouts are also critical for future ease of maintenance.  Most UPS solutions require front access for essential servicing and so engineers will always need enough room to work.  This means it’s not only about solving the installation challenges but living with and maintaining the equipment over the long-term too!

We believe that also goes for your choice of manufacturer.  Choosing a supplier who is hands-on, flexible, and prepared to solve any challenges and maintain equipment on an ongoing basis is essential.

We recently worked with a new client where a previous UPS reseller had provided them with poor service.  After they refused to return to site to inspect faulty equipment which had failed within just 18 months, we were brought in and asked to replace the entire system and maintain it for future resilience.  It was key that this client had a reliable solution in place that offered maximum availability with the correct level of resilience.

For us, it’s about working in partnership with our clients over the long term to make sure they have the best possible solution which meets their needs to protect their critical power now and in the future, and that we can maintain it for optimal functionality for its entire lifecycle.

There is always an answer to every challenge of variable load, room layout or access and so we work with our clients as trusted advisors to develop UPS solutions tailored to their specific needs.  This creates a win-win for us and our clients alike, as we know very well that we all need to live with the UPS solution installed for many years to come!

Article featured in Inside Networks Magazine July 2021

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