By Shane Brailsford, Area Sales Manager, Centiel UK  

CENTIEL provides comprehensive, flexible UPS maintenance plans and technical support to datacentres, medical facilities, the banking and finance world and many other organisations across England, Wales and Scotland.  Our team of experienced engineers located around the country maintain Centiel’s leading UPS solutions plus a variety of other manufacturers’ equipment subject to arrangement.

What many people don’t realise is the level of flexibility we offer.  The answer is YES, now what is the question?   That’s how we create bespoke preventative maintenance plans on behalf of our clients.

For some sites, this means holding critical spares, to ensure the most important replacement parts are always available to avoid lead times if needed at short notice.

For other sites, we can provide remote battery or UPS monitoring.  This can be beneficial for clients who want to monitor the UPS and associated batteries continuously without the need for visual checks.  Instead, we can offer remote monitoring and real-time updates via email, so clients can view the UPS and batteries on screen, as if they are in the same room.

Our UPS maintenance plans include 24/7/365 technical support and call out. We often find that the majority of fault calls can be resolved over the phone by our engineers. However, for those occasions where a visit to site is required, we can offer a variety of response times from four hours, six hours and even next working day for those less critical sites.

We always recommend at least two preventative maintenance visits per year.  To minimise disruption, these can be outside of normal working hours and scheduled to fit in with other maintenance activities.

Lifecycle reviews and health checks for legacy equipment are also available.  Comparing the cost of purchasing a new UPS against the ongoing running expenses of older kit can be eye opening.  Often, payback is within a few years and so armed with this information, informed decisions can be made.

For us, ensuring the highest level of availability is not just about providing the best UPS systems on the market.  We also ensure peace of mind that that equipment will continue be maintained for optimal performance too and we have the flexibility to suit different site requirements.

Originally featured in Inside Networks Magazine August 2022.

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