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RT Plus

On-line “Double Conversion” Technology.
1 Phase in – 1 Phase out.

RT Plus

On-line “Double Conversion” Technology. 1 Phase in – 1 Phase out.

On-line “Double Conversion” Technology. Single Phase in – Single Phase out. 1kVA to 3kVA True online technology continuously supplies your critical load with stable, regulated, transient-free AC Power.
  • High efficiency transformerless topology
  • High in rush load current capability
  • Plug-and-Play design to allow easy installation
  • Internal sealed battery, extended runtime available with external battery packs
  • Automatic switch to stand-by, with audible and visual alarms, in the event of short circuit output.
  • Wide input voltage range 110V to 300V
  • DC-start function ensures start-up even during power outages
  • Enhanced battery management system extends battery life span
  • Active input power factor correction>0.99 for improved energy efficiency
  • Selectable Output Voltages 200/208/220/230/240V


Designed and built to protect your electronic equipment from power fluctuations, this UPS is your insurance for a reliable, clean and stable supply. The multi-functional LCD/LED panel displays voltage, load status and UPS status. 

Plug-and-Play design to allow easy installation.

Plug-and-Play design to allow easy installation.


USB Port

RS232 Port

Emergency Power Off (EPO) Dry Contact Signal inputs

Communication Card Options Slot

External Battery Connector

AC input socket

AC output socket

Programmable output sockets

Input fuse

Cooling fans 

Output fuse

Output fuse for programmable output sockets


The UPS is equipped with an EPO input, RS232 & USB Communication ports as standard. Serial ports provide communication with bundled UPS monitoring software. Optional interface cards : DCE (alarm relay card) R2E (second RS232 card) USE (USB card) SNMP/WEB card.

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