This article promotes the features and benefits of Li-ion UPS solutions and addresses possible safety concerns that some customers may have about Li-ion.

Li-ion batteries offer an alternative to VRLA as they are happy running at much higher temperatures: up to high twenty/low thirty degrees centigrade. Most IT systems also work at >250C and the UPS technology itself can work well up to 40 degrees C. Certainly, in many European countries this could mean that the natural air temperature (which on average is between 20-22 degrees C) could remove the need for air-conditioning all together. This would result in significant savings on data centre running costs and reduced carbon footprints.

CENTIEL’s Li-ion UPS solution is already being installed by our most forward-thinking clients, who are looking to capitalise on the advantages that Li-ion has over lead-acid batteries, namely: they are smaller, lighter, have a high-power density, longer life and operate at higher temperatures. Over the next five years we anticipate that a significant industry changeover to Li-ion will occur. The good news is that CENTIEL’s technology is already Li-ion Ready, existing lead acid battery installations have the option to upgrade to Li-ion in the future without needing to replace the UPS.

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) UPS
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