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UPS Maintenance, Service & Repairs

Maintenance Plans, Battery Testing & Replacement, Fan & Capacitor Replacement 

• Trained & certified field service engineers
• UK stocks of spare parts
UPS Maintenance, Service & Repairs

Battery Replacements, Preventative Maintenance Visits (PMV’s), Fan & Capacitor Replacements. 

• Trained and certified field service engineers
• UK stocks of spare parts
CumulusPower Swiss-made Three-Phase, 4th Generation Modular UPS system which offers industry leading “9 nines” availability and lowest total cost of ownership.

Centiel recommends that all UPS systems should be maintained regularly by the original manufacturer. When this is not practical, or is undesirable, a well-equipped alternative maintainer should be sought.

At Centiel, we have built our reputation on delivering outstanding levels of Uninterruptible Power Supplies service and maintenance. Our maintenance plans are designed to offer ongoing reliable power protection, that is flexible and cost-effective, ensuring that potential issues with internal components are detected at the earliest opportunity. Advantages of regular UPS maintenance include the reduction in equipment malfunctions, extended equipment life, and improved system availability.

Battery Replacements

It is essential that VRLA batteries are properly commissioned and maintained correctly.  Typical UPS VRLA batteries have a design life of either 3-5 years or 8-10 years. However, in reality this can be a lot less if they are not maintained properly, kept at the optimum temperature or not charged or discharged correctly.

Regular maintenance of your UPS and its associated battery bank should include visual checks for signs of battery corrosion, swelling of the battery blocks and any indication of acid leaking or physical damage.

Centiel UK can supply, install and replace your ageing, degrading batteries for your UPS system. No contract needed.

PowerWave Battery Replacement
PowerWave UPS Service & Maintenance, Capacitor Replacements, Exploding Capacitor


Capacitor Replacements

Most AC capacitors have a shelf life of 5-7 years, while DC capacitors usually need replacing between 7-10 years. Centiel’s service engineers can check for signs of damage such as leaks, cracks, splits or any drying out which could result in your critical load being exposed to risk. Best practice is to change your capacitors when your UPS maintenance provider advises you to as when capacitors fail, they fail spectacularly. They can catch fire and even explode, damaging other components and present a serious hazard.


Experts in Service & Maintenance


Our service department are on hand to help you with all of your service and maintenance requirements. Contact them to book your UPS health check or to request a comparative quotation for capacitor replacements.

UPS Preventative Maintenance

During preventative maintenance visits engineers complete a variety of visual checks to identify early warning signs. Identifying early warning signs such as aging fans and capacitors and degrading batteries, allow remedial works to be actioned before your system fails.  The environment will also be assessed for temperature, airflow, dust and humidity levels, as these can all affect the correct working of the equipment.  Engineers record their findings and any  recommendations for remedial works in a field service report. In addition, engineers can also test the impedance in each battery to build up a picture of resilience, forming trends of degradation.  This is an efficient way to identify and address weak or failing batteries before others become affected.


Centiel can fully support and maintain a variety of UPS systems.

PowerWave Repairs

If you would like to hear more about Centiel UK’s UPS service capabilities, please call us on 01420 82031 or email us at [email protected]

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