UPS Health Check

Centiel offer a free UPS Health Check to help you assess your critical power protection requirments. The whole purpose of the UPS solution is to protect the critical load. Any UPS that is not maintained properly may ultimately compromise overall system availability and even the most modern UPS system will not continue to operate optimally without regular maintenance and support. 

Our customers rely on our network of highly skilled engineers to provide high-quality service and to support their critical power applications 24/7/365. Maintenance and service from Centiel ensures the reliability and availability of their power protection products.

As part of your free UPS Health Check one of the Centiel technical team will attend site to examine your UPS system.  They will assess the condition of its internal components and its system performance.

Following the visit you will receive:

A full system assesment

Advice and recommendations based on your systems performance and condition


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Terms and conditions apply. Please contact our UPS service and maintenance team to find out more. 

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