4th Generation Modular Uninterruptible Power Supplies

10kW – 3.6MW

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Three-phase, Standalone, Uninterruptible Power Supplies

10 – 250KW

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Nationwide Preventative Maintenance, Battery Replacements and UPS Remedial Works 

24/7/365 response to faults

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UPS Sales and Preventative Maintenance 

Taking power availability to the next level
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Single phase, three phase, modular

Centiel is renowned for manufacturing high quality, high specification Uninterruptible Power Supplies ideal for IT, Medical, Financial Services, and Telecommunications industries. These products are designed to minimise downtime, increase energy efficiency and provide total peace of mind.


UPS maintenance, repairs & battery replacements

Our service team are available to assist you 24/7, offering dedicated support 365 days a year to ensure the reliability and availability of your power protection products. Our extensive range of service products are backed by our network of manufacturer trained engineers, providing you with comprehensive power protection.


Press, case studies, white papers & articles

Browse through our information library, and read our selection of white papers, case studies and articles to find out all you need to know about Centiel, Swiss-based Uninterruptible Power Supplies Manufacturer and UPS preventative maintenance experts.

Steve Mott, Services Manager. Parkeray.

“Parkeray was responsible for the complete office fit-out including comms room, social area, boardroom, and office space. We also managed work on walls, ceilings, floor as well as lighting and power. This was an important project that required a reliable UPS provider and with prior experience of working with Centiel I was confident in their ability to deliver a tailored UPS solution and bespoke battery racks. Their team worked incredibly hard; shifting 13 tonnes of batteries was certainly a manual, hands-on task! But as expected, the team delivered 100% on their commitments, which resulted in the full commissioning of the system”. Steve Mott, Services Manager. Parkeray. Read the full Case Study here.

Jason Gibson, director of Seahorse Electrical and Maintenance Services Ltd

Jason Gibson, director of Seahorse explains: “Due to the limited area, it was important for us to utilize every inch of space and so CumulusPower with its top cable entry option was chosen. The flexible, modular configuration of CumulusPower allows the inclusion of an input terminal to accept cables from above via steel wire armored (SWA). It offered the perfect solution for the small plant room.

“The innovative design meant the UPS could be connected from high level, enabling a more flexible layout and maximization of the use of space. We needed to remove the false ceiling in the plant room to allow for cabling to be run above the switch gear and UPS.”

Critical Power Engineer, G4S Secure Solutions

McKane, confirms: “One immediate advantage Sure noticed in implementing CumulusPower was that because it was right-sized and ran at a maximum efficiency, the air conditioning required was significantly less.   I received a phone call shortly after installation to say: “I can’t believe how much air-conditioning we have had to switch off!”. Read the full Case Study here.

Simon Roger, Facilities Manager Sure Data Centre

Simon Roger, Facilities Manager Sure Data Centre adds: “Sure has seen an 18% saving on energy costs in the Data centres since the installation of CumulusPower and has predicted a payback period of less than 3 years. We have also had comments on the drastic reduction in operation noise levels of the new UPS. We can also add that Sure has commissioned a third unit for installation this year.” Read the full Case Study here.

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