UPS System Commissioning

Commissioning a three phase and large single phase UPS is not simply a matter of switching it on. There are many important checks and calibrations that must be made before a UPS can be put into service.

Before any UPS is switched on, both the electrical installation and the UPS environment must be checked to ensure they comply with the UPS manufacturer’s recommendations (note: the electrical contractor is responsible for ensuring the electrical installation complies with all seven parts of the latest edition of IET Wiring Regulations BS 7671). If this is not done the UPS manufacturer’s warranty may be invalidated.

Once the suitability of the installation has been established, Centiel’s commissioning engineers work through a comprehensive commissioning procedure the ensure that the UPS is in perfect working order when it is handed over the end user.

For more information on Centiel’s UPS commissioning procedures please contact Centiel.

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