UPS Maintenance Plans

UPS systems are electrical machines that contain both electrical and electronic components.

A well maintained UPS should provide the end-user with many years of reliable, trouble free operation, however, electrical and electronic components can, and do, occasionally fail without warning and this is where a Centiel UPS Maintenance Plan can help.

UPS end-users have a UPS because they have a critical load that requires protection from mains borne disturbances. As prevention is always better than cure it follows that the UPS should receive regular preventative maintenance inspections that will eliminate all foreseeable problems. For the unforeseen problems, 24 hour technical support and a guaranteed emergency call out response are required.

Centiel’s maintenance plans provide:

  • Manufacturer recommended preventative maintenance inspections
  • Guaranteed emergency callout response
  • 24 hour technical support
  • Optional, fully comprehensive cover
  • Access to extensive stocks of spare parts

Centiel can fully support all Centiel UPS products, all ABB/NewWave UPS products (sold in the UK under Kohler’s PowerWAVE brand) and some Riello UPS products. 

By choosing Centiel to provide your UPS maintenance you will receive true service excellence from experts in their field.

To discuss your UPS maintenance requirements please contact Centiel.

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