UPS Maintenance Plan

At Centiel, we have built our reputation on delivering outstanding levels of Uninterruptible Power Supplies service and maintenance. Our maintenance plans are designed to offer ongoing reliable power protection, that is flexible and cost-effective, ensuring that potential issues with internal components are detected at the earliest opportunity. Advantages of regular UPS maintenance include the reduction in equipment malfunctions, extended equipment life, and improved system availability.


Maintenance Plan Components

Individual maintenance plans designed to meet your business specific requirements

Nationwide network of engineers

Preventative maintenance inspections that meet manufacturer timescales and procedures

24/7 remote monitoring

Comprehensive in-house inventory of spare parts

Fan, capacitor and battery replacements

Emergency call-out 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Inspections: mechanical, electrical and battery

Equipment cleaning and dust removal

Software updates

Environmental checks

Battery checks

Maintenance reports

UPS Remote Monitoring

Regular maintenance of your UPS battery system is critical to ensure backup power is there, when required.



Condition assessment

Early identification of potential problems


Removal & disposal

Battery Systems

Regular maintenance of your UPS batteries is critical to ensure backup power is there when required. Our highly skilled engineers are trained to identify potential problems before a failure occurs.



Battery condition assessment

UPS battery replacement

UPS battery removal & disposal

Load bank testing

Impedance Testing

Monitoring the internal impedance at regular intervals allows for early detection of battery failure.



Life assessment

Early failure identification

Full status report

Real-time Electronic Reporting

Our advanced electronic UPS service and maintenance reporting software enables our engineers to provide you with comprehensive, onsite, real-time reports.

UPS Installation

Centiel offers a full installation and commissioning service. In order for us to provide you with the best solution for your power protection needs. One of our team of skilled engineers will conduct a free site survey to assess your critical power requirements, present and future.

We will advise on location, environmental and practical restraints, and on electrical works which may need to be carried out in preparation for the installation of the new UPS. Working closely with you, our project team will manage the complete installation and commissioning of your UPS system.

Our directly employed, manufacturer trained engineers will commission and test your power protection system providing full commissioning certification for warranty validation.



Power protection solutions supplied, installed, and commissioned directly by the manufacturer

Extensive network of manufacturer trained engineers

Free site survey

Full project management

Commissioning certification for warranty validation

Organisation of electrical and mechanical work

Designing, manufacturing and delivering industry leading power protection solutions

Designing, manufacturing and delivering industry leading power protection solutions

UPS Relocation

Centiel has an experienced project team who can manage the relocation of your UPS system, whether you’re relocating within the same building or moving to a new location. Our team of skilled engineers will be responsible for the decommissioning and recommissioning of your UPS system, including the associated battery systems and electrical switchgear, whilst our experienced logistics team will ensure safe transportation.



Extensive network of manufacturer trained engineers

Full project management

Recommissioning certification

Organisation of additional electrical and mechanical works

UPS Decommissioning

Centiel can arrange for the safe decommissioning and recycling of redundant UPS systems, associated battery systems, and electrical switchgear. Our engineers work in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations and as a registered waste carrier, we ensure that all waste is disposed of safely

IST/Black Building Testing

If you have a requirement to conduct an IST (Integrated System Test) Black Building Test, Centiel can assist you. Our highly-skilled and qualified engineers can attend site during your test to monitor your UPS.
We service and maintain a wide range of UPS manufacturers including: Reillo, Newave sold in the UK as PowerWave, APC, Legrand, Inform, Socomec, Borri, Ablerex, Eaton, Liebert, Emerson, Chloride, Dale, Huawei and many more.  

Site Survey

Centiel’s network of highly skilled engineers can provide you with a free site survey to assess your power protection needs.


What’s included

On-site assessment of your power protection needs

Assessment of required load size

Project planning advice including location, environmental factors and possible infrastructure issues

Identification of delivery route and logistics requirements

We can help you to decide on the best technical solution to suit your needs and budget.


We offer a variety of generator maintenance and servicing contracts to meet the requirements of today’s commercial environment. A maintenance contract is essential to ensure the continued reliability of your emergency power generation system.



– Generator installation

– Generator repair

– Generator re-location

– Generator removal

– Emergency generator hire

– 24/7/365 maintenance cover

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