Designed with the future in mind

Modular three-phase UPS IEC
50 kW to 3.75 MW
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Designed with the future in mind

Modular three-phase UPS IEC
50 kW to 3.75 MW
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The ultimate UPS for net-zero data centers

StratusPower is an innovative uninterruptible power supply (UPS), specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of today’s IT infrastructure.

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, StratusPower’s superior topology, referred to as DARA, ensures full availability with no single point of failure, providing data center operators with complete peace of mind. Furthermore, installation of StratusPower is straightforward and maintenance is simple and non-intrusive.

StratusPower is a three-phase modular UPS that covers the power range from 50 to 1,500 kW in one cabinet and can be paralleled for 3,750 kW of uninterrupted, clean power. With an industry-leading voltage and frequency independence (VFI) efficiency of 97.6 percent and a flat efficiency curve – based on a widely proven semiconductor technology.

Swiss made

designed and manufactured

No single point of failure

99.9999999 % availability

Fully redundant

DARA – fault-tolerant architecture

From 50 kW – 3.75 MW

In cabinets from 375 kW to 1.5 MW

Non-intrusive maintenance

15+ years caps and smart fans

Smart energy

peak-shaving, self-test

714 kW/m²

space-saving footprint

Fully connected

multi-protocol and a full range of communication channels available

The StratusPower product offering:


  • Unparalleled flexibility when it comes to battery storage installation and configuration, as well as preparing the infrastructure to manage both current and future energy sources
  • Flexibility to select the number and type of battery blocks – from 240 to 600VDC
  • Various battery storage devices, allowing you to reuse the DC supply or to choose the option that best suits your needs and budget
  • Battery charging current capability is 500 percent higher than our closest competitors, meaning faster charging times and more efficient use of your batteries.


  • The StratusPower boasts a reliable, widely proven semiconductor technology, including an inverter physical isolation in case of IGBT failure, ensuring maximum uptime for your critical infrastructure.
  • The triple-mode parallel bus provides an extra layer of redundancy, eliminating any single point of failure in communication between frames and modules.
  • At Centiel, we take reliability very seriously. That’s why we designed our technology with extra-safe power of 24%, ensuring a higher level of reliability and redundancy. Even if a redundant module fails, our advanced technology guarantees no single point of failure. With a continuous module operation capacity of 75 kW, the 750 kW StratusPower UPS transforms into a 900 kW powerhouse.
  • Our UPS solution is compatible with various battery storage devices, allowing you to reuse the DC supply or choose the option that best suits your needs and budget.


  • With a THDi of less than 1 percent, the StratusPower provides an excellent performance that exceeds regulatory requirements.
  • The UPS is capable of handling 125% overload for 15 minutes and 150% overload for 2 minutes, ensuring uninterrupted power delivery during peak demand scenario.
  • A short circuit capability above 3xIn safeguards your equipment and system integrity despite electrical faults.


  • With its computing capabilities and more than 100 measurement points, StratusPower does the work for you, ensuring that maintenance is performed promptly and accurately.
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows technicians for easy, non-intrusive monitoring via mobile devices, with the Centiel app providing real-time status updates and alerts.
  • StratusPower provides advanced cybersecurity features in compliance with IEC-4-62443-2, making certain that your critical data and systems are protected from cyber threats.


The future-ready UPS

Advanced computing power
Trigonometric math unit
Control law accelerator
Parallel processing
IEEE 754 double-precision math

100+ Measuring points
At the module level

External ambient monitoring
Water leak

Cybersecure connection
Compliant IEC-4-62443-2

DARA – Take your power availability to the next level

When it comes to availability, it’s what’s inside that counts

With DARA, each UPS module is independent, redundant and interconnected. Each module is a complete UPS system in its own right, with three independent power converters, a static bypass and all the hardware devices needed to safely isolate a fault without impacting the load. This maximizes the mean time between failures (MTBF) and safeguards the power to your critical applications.

DARA’s Distributed Decision Making technology, referred to as DDM™, elevates redundancy by enabling collaborative decision-making among all modules. This ensures the continuous power supply to your load, even during crucial decision-making moments. With DDM, the UPS can make distributed decisions, eliminating the single point of failure typically associated with masterslave technology. As a result, downtime is minimized, and critical loads remain protected.

Mean time to repair (MTTR)

DARA’s technology on the frame level has been designed to accommodate non-intrusive maintenance and to minimize mean time to repair (MTTR), ensuring that any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.  For example, in the event of a power failure, frontal access to components avoids the need for removing modules, thereby reducing the risk of human error.

Tangible sustainability:

We help your data center achieve CO₂ emissions

Energy efficiency

97.6% VFI efficiency

StratusPower is designed with energy efficiency in mind, using the latest technology to reduce energy consumption and minimize losses

Zero waste

30+ years of UPS design life

15+ years of life on replaceable component

Net zero by design

95% of the energy used for production testing is recycled

Our company is continuously committed to improving our sustainability practices, and we manufacture StratusPower using environmentally friendly processes to minimize our impact on the environment

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