Capacitors and Fans

All UPS systems contain consumable items that have a finite, useful working life. These consumable items are capacitors, fans and batteries.

If these consumable components are not replaced before the end of their useful working life, a failure of the UPS will occur. 

The replacement of UPS batteries is discussed under a different section of this website. This section will discuss capacitor and fan replacement only.

If a UPS filter capacitor fails it can, in extreme circumstances, cause a fire and will almost certainly cause the critical load to crash. If a cooling fan fails, it will cause the UPS to overheat and transfer the critical load onto raw mains.

Centiel’s preventative maintenance inspections provide an early warning of the need for filter capacitor and fan replacement and help ensure the safe and reliable operation of the UPS.

Centiel can supply and install new filter capacitors and fans on all brands of three phase and large single phase UPS.

For more information on how Centiel can help you with UPS capacitor and fan replacements please contact Centiel.

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