UPS Preventative Maintenance

All three phase and large single phase UPS require regular preventative maintenance to ensure that they continue to provide continuous, trouble-free operation, protecting the critical load from mains power disturbances and interruptions.

Centiel’s UPS preventative Maintenance inspections check UPS alarm history, major operating parameners and calibrations and report upon the condition of the UPS components that have a finite useful working life, such as filter capacitors, cooling fans and batteries to ensure that they are not at the end of their useful working life. They also report on site and load conditions to further ensure the UPS is operating within its specification.

Whilst the health and Safety Executive’s bulletin number: CEMHD1-22 dated 02/22 relates specifically to the maintenance of industrial uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) systems, commercial UPS perform the same function and use the same electrical and electronic components so the same responsibilities regarding regular UPS maintenance apply to the end users of commercial UPS systems.

Centiel’s field service engineers use UPS manufacturers’ service software and technical documentation to ensure that the UPS is properly maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements and is fully documented to keep a record of the UPS service history.

For more information on Centiel’s preventative maintenance inspections please contact Centiel.

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