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Centiel’s Mission, Vision and Values


The elimination of all electrical power-related problems on all critical sites



To design, manufacture, deliver and maintain the very best power protection (UPS) products available in the market

To act as a trusted advisor to all users of power protection (UPS) products regardless of the original manufacturer of their UPS

To ensure Centiel’s technology always leads the market in terms of innovation and quality

To ensure Centiel’s products are always competitively priced and represent excellent value for money for the level of technology and quality provided

To ensure Centiel users always receive the highest level of pre-and post-sales support available in the market

To continuously explore the limits of technology until 100% UPS availability and 100% UPS operating efficiency are achieved



We always behave with integrity

We are honest and open in our business transactions

We treat our customers, suppliers, and each other with respect

We constantly strive to improve our customer service

We never compromise on health, safety, or environmental matters

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