Mike Elms

Mike Elms

Managing Director, Centiel UK Ltd


I have more than 20 years’ experience in Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) service, maintenance, projects, and sales. Holding titles such as UPS Service Engineer. Technical Support Manager, UK Sales Manager, National Sales Manager and Director. Working for various UPS brands including Riello UPS Ltd, Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd (UPSL/Kolher Power/Powerwave), and Socomec UK, I have built up an extensive knowledge of designing and specifying UPS systems across the IT, Financial, Telecom, and Data Centre Industry.

I am an undeniable fan of True Modular UPS systems and their benefits, I was first introduced to the technology during my time at Kohler UPS (previously UPS Ltd).  I spent circa 10 years promoting the benefits of the PowerWAVE brand to clients throughout the UK in my role as UK Sales Manager.

I joined Centiel in 2018 as Sales and Marketing Director to launch the Centiel brand and it’s next generation of True Modular UPS systems to the UK UPS market.  My role changed significantly in 2019 when I  became Managing Director with overall responsibility for the UK subsidiary. I still has a passion for True Modular technology but these days my main focus is on driving the business forward as part of Centiel’s global expansion plans


Continuous Power Availability – Critical Power Protection Company of the Month

Continuous Power Availability - Critical Power Protection Company of the MonthIn the September 2021 issue of Building and Facilities News, CENTIEL is named as Critical Power Protection Company of the Month. Established in April 2015, CENTIEL is a Swiss-based...

Zen and the Art of UPS Maintenance

By Mike Elms, Managing Director, CENTIEL UK Zen…that wonderful state of mind, of calmness, stability, and clarity; a mind free of delusions and confusions; a mind at peace! So, what has that got to do with UPS maintenance I hear you ask? In his own words, Robert...

Misconceptions About Insurance

By Mike Elms, Managing Director, CENTIEL UK Ltd It has been said: insurance is like needing a parachute. If it isn’t there, chances are you won’t be needing it again!  The majority’s perception is that a UPS protects a critical load from power outages.  However, it...

Failure is Not an Option

By Mike Elms, Managing Director, CENTIEL UK Apollo 13 was due to be the third crewed mission to land on the moon.  Famously the mission was aborted when an oxygen tank ruptured just three days into the mission, resulting in loss of oxygen supply capacity and putting...

It’s An ill Wind…

by Mike Elms, Managing Director, CENTIEL UK What single subject tends to get me jumping on my soapbox about UPS?…. It is how battery autonomies are calculated. Let me very briefly explain. At tender stage, batteries are sized by calculation. The actual proof that they...

Unlocking the Myths of UPS “Variable Load Management”

One of the biggest drivers in UPS development over the last 10-15 years has been improving efficiency. Aided and abetted by the introduction of the transformerless design, the majority of manufacturers claimed efficiency figures are all now circa 97%. An important...

Prevention is better than cure

Mike Elms, managing director at Centiel UK, explains how businesses could save their power and their reputation by simply taking better care of their UPS.

View From The Top

ER Interviewed Mike Elms, managing director at Centiel UK, sponsors of the Data Centre Design and Build Product of the Year award, to find out his unique insight into the UPS marketplace and why the company chose to sponsor this particular category.

Protecting the Future of Data

The speed at which we create this data is increasing exponentially. It has been estimated that we now create as much data in a single day as was created from the beginning of time until 2000! With the Internet of Things (IoT) any electrical/electronic machine/device is capable of connecting to the internet and capable of creating data, so the situation is only set to escalate.
Today we are witnessing the transition from server rooms, to Cloud computing to Edge computing to store all this data.

Top Tips to buying a UPS

In an always-on world, we depend on being connected round the clock with immediate access to information and with zero downtime. We want a system that never fails


CENTIEL Achieves ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Accreditation

Leading UPS manufacturer, CENTIEL UK has announced it has been awarded ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System accreditation by the BSI.   ISO 14001 Environmental Management is the world's most recognized environmental management system and CENTIEL UK now adds...

CENTIEL’s PremiumTower Nominated for FM Award

CENTIEL UK, has announced its stand-alone UPS solution PremiumTowerTM has been nominated for a Tomorrow’s FM product innovation award.

PremiumTowerTM is a standalone three-phase, online double-conversion, transformerless design, UPS, designed to maximise efficiency within a minimum footprint and, is available in a range of sizes from: 10 to 250 kW.

CENTIEL to Sponsor Electrical Review Awards

Leading UPS manufacturer, CENTIEL UK, has confirmed it is one of the sponsors for the Electrical Review Excellence Awards 2020. CENTIEL will sponsor the Data Centre Build and Design Product of the year category for these prestigious awards which recognise projects that embrace the latest in electrical engineering, display forward-thinking design and implementation and champion the highest environmental, safety and energy efficiency standards.

CENTIEL Extends PremiumTower Range

Leading UPS manufacturer, CENTIEL has announced the extension of its PremiumTower range. PremiumTower is a three-phase, online double-conversion UPS, designed to maximise efficiency and minimise footprint and is now available in a range of sizes from: 10-250 kW.

CENTIEL Nominated for Major Industry Awards

Electrical Review excellence awards recognise outstanding achievements within the industry over the past year and CENTIEL has been nominated in three categories: Power Project of the Year, Power Product of the Year and Energy Saving Project of the Year.

CENTIEL to Demonstrate Li-ion Battery Solution at DCW

CENTIEL to Demonstrate Li-ion Battery Solution at DCW Leading Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) manufacturer, CENTIEL UK Ltd has announced it will demonstrate its new Li-ion battery solution for the first time at Data Centre World, on booth D1035. In addition,...

CENTIEL Grows Global Installed base of Leading UPS: CumulusPower

Leading Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) manufacturer, CENTIEL, has confirmed it has a growing global installed base of its three-phase, 4th generation modular UPS system, CumulusPower. Launched for the first time in the UK just over a year ago, CumulusPower known...

CENTIEL Introduces Top and Bottom Cabling for Leading-edge Uninterruptible Power Supply

Leading Swiss Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) manufacturer, CENTIEL SA, has introduced a simple solution to allow either top or bottom cabling connection for its three-phase, modular UPS system, CumulusPower. This innovative new design now means the UPS can be...

CENTIEL Launches Single Phase UPS: EssentialPower™

Swiss-based manufacturer CENTIEL, has announced the extension of its Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) range with the launch of a single-phase UPS: EssentialPower™. Aimed at small commercial clients, EssentialPower™ provides single-phase, online double-conversion...

CENTIEL Increases the Power Density of its Pioneering 4th Generation Modular UPS System: CumulusPower™

CENTIEL Ltd, the UK subsidiary of Swiss-based UPS manufacturer, CENTIEL SA, has launched new 25kW and 60kW UPS modules for its pioneering 4th Generation Modular UPS system: CumulusPower. This industry leading three-phase, modular system offers 99.9999999% (“9 nines”)...


What Makes Centiel Different?

In the below video Mike Elms, Managing Director of Centiel UK explains the history of the company and what makes Centiel different. Centiel Group SA CENTIEL is a Swiss-based technology innovation company with a highly experienced team of designers, who have developed...

Distributed Active-Redundant Architecture (DARA)

In the below video Mike Elms, Managing Director of Centiel UK explains the purpose of a UPS, the meaning of True Modular and Centiel's innovative technology Distributed Active-Redundant Architecture (DARA).Thanks to our extensive failure analysis research and insights...


In the below video Mike Elms, Managing Director of Centiel UK answer the question "what is availability?" and explains "how true modular technology can improve it".  Availability is defined as readiness of a system to provide a corrective service. Steady-state...

Continuous Power Availability

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