Designing, manufacturing and delivering industry-leading power protection solutions

30 Years of Innovation

Centiel UK is the leading provider of power protection solutions for your critical power requirements. With an excellent reputation for high-quality service and support, our customers rely on our network of highly skilled engineers to ensure the reliability and availability of their power protection products. Our extensive spare parts inventory enables us to directly maintain a wide range of Uninterruptible Power Supply equipment under a single maintenance contract.

Centiel recommends that all UPS should be maintained regularly by the original manufacturer. When this is not practical, or is undesirable, a well-equipped alternative maintainer should be sought.

As the UK subsidiary of Swiss-based manufacturer Centiel, our product portfolio has been developed by the team of innovators responsible for the industry’s first transformerless and true modular Uninterruptible Power Supply systems. Our products are designed to:

– Provide Maximum Efficiency Management (MEM)

– Optimise valuable space

– Provide industry-leading power availability

– Minimise life-time maintenance cost

– Provide outstanding overload capability

– Reduce your energy bills

With our passion and commitment for innovative design and product quality, we are keeping pace with market demands by developing the latest products which are lithium-ion ready.

Industry Heritage 


David Bond

Chairman, Centiel UK Ltd, Board Member of Centiel SA and AP

Andrew Skelton

Operations Director, Centiel UK

Fillipo Marbach

Founder, CEO, Chairman of the Centiel SA Board


Louis McGarry

Sales & Marketing Director, Centiel UK

Gerardo Lecuona

Co-Founder, Sales Director, Board Member of Centiel SA

Aaron Oddy

Sales Engineer, Centiel UK

Mike Elms

Managing Director, Centiel UK 

Graham Murray

Sales Engineer, Centiel UK

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