CENTIEL UK Ltd, the UK subsidiary of leading Swiss-based Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) manufacturer, CENTIEL SA, has appointed David Bond as its new Chairman. Bond who has worked in the UPS industry for more than 30 years and is co-author of the UPS Handbook, will also join the board of CENTIEL SA.

Prior to joining CENTIEL, David Bond was managing director of Benning UK Ltd and has previously been managing director for Emerson Network Power, managing director for Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd (UPSL/Kohler Power) and was also chief executive of Newave Energy.

David Bond, Chairman CENTIEL UK Ltd confirms: “CENTIEL acquired MPower UPS at the end of last year to help achieve its ambition of having strong subsidiaries in key global markets. My role is now to guide the expansion of this experienced team and to help develop the already thriving business model in a structured way to continue to deliver service excellence whilst gaining UK market share.

“CENTIEL SA and its product range are all about quality and innovation. To demonstrate this, the Swiss based design team is led by the designer of the first three phase transformerless UPS, the first, second and third generations of three phase modular UPS and now the fourth generation of the technology known as CumulusPower. Indeed, where the technology thought leaders of CENTIEL SA have led, the market has followed.” continues Bond. “Of course, having world class products means nothing if they cannot be properly supported in the field by world class channel partners and subsidiaries. In the UK, we will combine the established service excellence of MPower with the class-leading UPS solutions from one of the most important manufacturers in Europe, CENTIEL SA, to take power protection to the next level for the benefit of our ever-growing client base.”

CumulusPower is a modular three-phase UPS system offering continuous power availability, fault-tolerance and a Distributed Active Redundant Architecture (DARA) which removes single points of failure. The system is easy to maintain and completely scalable therefore, combining the benefits of very high system availability and very low total cost of ownership in a high-quality package.

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