Swiss-based UPS manufacturer CENTIEL, has announced the extension of its industry-leading range of UPS solutions to include 480V models. Ideally suited to the South American market and some industrial applications, the new 480V solution is available for CENTIEL’s true modular UPS CumulusPower and best-in-class standalone UPS PremiumTower.

Gerardo Lecuona, co-founder & sales director, CENTIEL explains: “CENTIEL is known world-wide for its innovative and flexible approach to UPS design. The expansion of our range now allows for our international partners to broaden their product offerings in countries that include Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

“Our UPS systems are designed to deliver a combination of high availability, maximum efficiency and a reduced footprint.. The new product offers all this plus flexible configuration and the benefit of low total cost of ownership (TCO) for critical installations.”

CumulusPower offers the highest levels of availability and efficiency, with flexible frame sizes and module ratings which enable facilities to pay as they grow. This flexible design allows the new 480V solution to be installed into CENTIEL’s existing 300 and 600kW frames. Supplied in module ratings of 50kW or 60kW, system capacity can be extended to up to 3.6MW. The main benefit for CENTIEL’s partners is that no additional frames are required to be kept locally for stock.

PremiumTower is a three-phase, online double-conversion UPS, now available with a 60kW 480V solution. Internal and external battery options are available for 480V installations.

“PremiumTower can be paralleled for up to 30 units with CENTIEL’s Triple-mode patented technology to provide either additional power capacity or redundancy.” continues Lecuona. “In addition, its best-in-class, on-line operating efficiency of 96.6% in double conversion mode minimizes running costs and reduces TCO. This provides an excellent solution for small and medium comms rooms, IT networks and any mission-critical applications which demand high availability and unbeatable energy efficiency.”

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