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Line of Duty

Gathering as much information as possible before selecting the UPS systems that protect a Datacentre's critical load is important....

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Mission Impossible

Aaron Oddy, Centiel UK, explains why eliminating single points of failure should be a central focus of a power protection plan.

Centiel UK Celebrates Five Year Anniversary. In 2017 Centiel, the Swiss based UPS manufacturer, decided to enter the UK market with the acquisition of an existing UPS service company.

Centiel UK Celebrates Five Year Anniversary

In 2017 Centiel, the Swiss based UPS manufacturer, decided to enter the UK market with the acquisition of an existing UPS service company. Centiel UK now celebrates its 5-year anniversary. CEO David Bond shares his thoughts on the past 5-years.

Louis McGarry - Centiel Critical Power UPS Resilience Sales and Marketing Director

The Future is Flexible

Carly Wills, Editor ECN Magazine, speaks to Louis McGarry, Sales and Marketing Director, Centiel UK about life at the company and its plans for the future. 

Centiel UPS installations, Aaron Oddy, Centiel UK, Ensuring the optimal performance of a UPS and associated equipment is all about communication. For example, installing and connecting an inexpensive SNMP card will allow for remote monitoring, alarms and any issues to be flagged.

Why Communication is Key for UPS Management

Following the installation of a UPS, it is not uncommon to find that the SNMP card is simply not connected to the network, so data isn’t being communicated. It is important that the SNMP is correctly set up, to allow the end-user to receive real-time event data, including alerts of any unexpected status changes.

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The Truth is Out There

How do you select a UPS? Research into manufacturers, products and the people who install and maintain UPS systems is essential. Knowledge is king!

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Monitoring Critical Power

For medical facilities, the UPS can be set up to support the load supplying operating theatres and intensive care units. Therefore, regular preventative maintenance and monitoring of the UPS and associated batteries is essential. Monitoring can be one of the cheapest exercises any facility can undertake, and yet, also one of the most valuable.

CumulusPower Swiss-made Three-Phase, 4th Generation Modular UPS system which offers industry leading “9 nines” availability and lowest total cost of ownership. UPS Maintenance UPS Service

Don’t Risk Incorrect UPS Maintenance

Any facility which welcomes visitors such as hotels, universities or any other public spaces will have a comprehensive fire management safety procedure in place. This will cover the regular control and review of fire safety standards and details such as how to evacuate the building safely in the event of fire. However, what many people don’t realise is that the fire safety standard will also encompass the maintenance of essential UPS equipment necessary to support critical loads.

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Are We Ready for Change?

We seem to be living in a world of uncertainty. Locking-in to fixed-term contracts can offer a stable solution which works for both parties. Data centres have the flexibility to offer services on a short-term basis, but long-term agreements mean they can offer commercial rewards as rates can be fixed from day one. Clients and the data centre can also plan and manage costs more effectively. Surely this creates a win-win situation for all?

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