By Aaron Oddy, Sales Engineer, Centiel UK  

Ensuring the optimal performance of a UPS and associated equipment is all about communication.   For example, installing and connecting an inexpensive SNMP card will allow for remote monitoring, alarms and any issues to be flagged. 

Following the installation of a UPS, it is not uncommon to find that the SNMP card is simply not connected to the network, so data isn’t being communicated.  It is important that the SNMP is correctly set up, to allow the end-user to receive real-time event data, including alerts of any unexpected status changes. Similarly, remote monitoring of batteries can also be achieved through a Battery Analysis & Care System (BACS) and temperature sensors to establish the health of each individual cell.  It’s a safe way to monitor and condition the batteries continuously.

At Centiel our leading fourth generation, true modular UPS CumulusPower known for its “9 nines” (99.9999999%) system availability, plus our stand-alone UPS PremiumTower are also enabled with Bluetooth to allow real-time information to be viewed and downloaded, including status, alarm and event logs.  Bluetooth connects end-users and engineers with the UPS system to help ensure it is working optimally and availability is maximized.  The app also offers a quick way to access important information about the UPS’ performance.

It’s not only digital communication though!  Efficient communication between teams at the design, implementation and maintenance stages is also critical to achieve optimum UPS performance.  We refer to ‘joined-up thinking’ between contractors, consultants and manufacturers as a must for any UPS installation.  This requires open and honest discussions, whether that’s to overcome challenges with a room layout at the design stage or to create bespoke preventative maintenance plans to suit precise needs.

Centiel’s staff are technical sales consultants all trained to communicate the right information and technical knowledge.  Nothing is hidden.  We always ‘do the right thing’ for our clients to ensure they have the absolute best solution to suit their needs.  Contact us to find out how we can reduce the Total Cost of Ownership and optimise the performance of your power protection solution today.

Originally featured in Inside Networks Magazine October 2022.

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