Swiss-based manufacturer CENTIEL, has announced the extension of its Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) range with the launch of a single-phase UPS: EssentialPower™. Aimed at small commercial clients, EssentialPower™ provides single-phase, online double-conversion power protection for IT rooms, servers, voice and data networks and comms rooms in sectors such as retail, security and medical and is suitable for any office environment or light industrial application.

Mike Elms, sales and marketing director, CENTIEL UK explains: “CENTIEL is well known for its pioneering 4th Generation Modular UPS system: CumulusPower™. This industry-leading three-phase, modular system offers 99.9999999% (“9 nines”) system availability with low total cost of ownership and is installed in data centers around the world. However, for smaller applications, often a tower or rack-mounted single-phase UPS system is all that is required.

“The approach to our clients – whether they are a large data center, or a small commercial organization – is the same. Our aim is to provide the very best advice, technical support and solutions to suit individual requirements. The addition of EssentialPower™ to our product portfolio, now means we can offer complete UPS flexibility, regardless of a client’s size or power protection needs.

“Traditionally, many small commercial organisations have bought their UPS systems ‘over the counter’. However, purchasing directly from CENTIEL, means that commercial organisations have access to our highly qualified and experienced technicians who can advise and provide unbiased recommendations in relation to a suitable UPS for their particular runtime and load size. This technical expertise, combined with our range of UPS maintenance and service support, ensures our clients always receive the industry’s leading power protection solutions.”

EssentialPower™ supports loads from 1 to 20kVA. The flexibility of Tower or Rack (2U to 4U) configuration ensures the product can fit easily into an existing server rack or to be placed on a floor or shelf in a comms room, maximizing the use of space. EssentialPower™ is available in single-phase in – single-phase out, or three-phase in – single-phase out, making it suitable for many mission-critical applications. Matching battery cabinets are also available for extended runtime requirements. For even further resilience EssentialPower™ units can be connected in parallel to provide N+1 redundancy.

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