Centiel’s vision is to eliminate all power quality problems.  Ensuring a supply of continuous electrical power is vital in critical environments such as hospitals and data centres. Even the shortest interruption may cause significant financial losses or even endanger lives.

The main purpose of a UPS solutions is to protect critical loads from power disturbances.  The equipment used in data centres, medical facilities and laboratories needs perfect power all the time. Therefore, only the highest quality UPS solutions meet this need.

Centiel’s response is to focus on technical excellence which has resulted in the creation of CumulusPower.

CumulusPower is the only 4th generation truly modular UPS solution with industry-leading 99.9999999% (nine-nines) availability. Its high levels of efficiency and reduced total cost of ownership is achieved through Centiel’s unique Distributed Active-Redundant Architecture (DARA).  This technology increases system intelligence, resilience, and as a result system availability.

CumulusPower also maximises efficiency in a reduced footprint.  Flexible frame sizes and module ratings enable facilities to “pay as they grow”.  The quality of components used ensure that CumulusPower modules are robust enough to be re-deployed. For instance, if an organization moves, or requires a UPS module at a different location.

System availability is further increased by Centiel’s Triple Mode communications bus. A patented technology that removes single points of failure and improves the resilience of the UPS’ internal communication infrastructure.  Another example of where Centiel have worked to increase availability further and to provide the highest quality solution.

Centiel is not just a technology leader.  Centiel also provide technical support, maintenance and repairs through its team of highly trained, experienced engineers.  In the UK, this includes rapid response and 24-hour call out as required to suit individual customers.


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