Leading Swiss Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) manufacturer, CENTIEL SA, has introduced a simple solution to allow either top or bottom cabling connection for its three-phase, modular UPS system, CumulusPower. This innovative new design now means the UPS can be connected from either high or low level, without the requirement for a separate cable entry enclosure, enabling a more flexible layout within comms rooms and data centres, maximizing the use of space and potentially reducing installation costs.

Mike Elms, sales and marketing director, CENTIEL UK explains: “Up until now, the majority of most UPS units’ final power connections are at low level within the UPS frame. This made the bending radius of larger cables a problem whether the cables were installed at floor level or, even worse, at high level and then had to be run down tray/ladder to then be worked into the bottom of the UPS frame. The solution was to install a separate: ”top cable entry” (TCE) enclosure meaning additional cost and space which can now be saved. The flexible, modular configuration of CumulusPower means we are able to provide the option of having the UPS input terminals at either low or high level within the frame to accept cables from below or above depending on the site requirements.

“Our focus is to work with our clients to provide the very best UPS solutions which are most applicable for their needs. This simple but highly convenient addition of optional top or bottom cable entry, is another example of CENTIEL leading the field in UPS design for benefit of our valued customer base.”

CumulusPower is CENTIEL’s leading 4th generation modular UPS system with unique Intelligent Module Technology (IMT), a fault-tolerant parallel Distributed Active Redundant Architecture (DARA), offering industry leading “9 nines” system availability and very low total cost of ownership. This excellence in system availability is achieved through the fully independent and self-isolating intelligent modules – each with individual power units, intelligence (CPU and communication logic), static bypass, control, display and battery. The solution has been designed to reduce the total cost of ownership through low losses: the high double conversion efficiency of 97.1% at the module level means it is currently the best solution available to protect data centre infrastructure as its configuration also reduces downtime risk, avoiding costly errors as well as increasing energy efficiency.


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