Distributed Active-Redundant Architecture (DARA)

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In the below video Mike Elms, Managing Director of Centiel UK explains the purpose of a UPS, the meaning of True Modular and Centiel’s innovative technology Distributed Active-Redundant Architecture (DARA).

Thanks to our extensive failure analysis research and insights gathered from over 25 years of field experience working with a large number of data centres and other critical environments, our power protection solutions have reached the highest levels of availability to reduce downtime risk, avoid costly errors, and increase energy efficiency. To respond to highest availability requirements i.e. to eliminate risks that may cause computer downtime of business-critical applications, CENTIEL has developed a new series of fault-tolerant, Three-phase, modular UPS-systems called CumulusPower™. Unlike traditional centralised parallel multi-module systems, the advanced CumulusPower™ technology combines a unique Intelligent Module Technology (IMT), with a fault-tolerant parallel architecture, called Distributed Active-Redundant Architecture (DARA), thereby fulfilling the highest availability and reliability requirements.

The Distributed Active-Redundant Architecture of the CumulusPower™ product line is designed to respond to the highest availability requirements, through the implementation of the “democratic” majority load transfer decision-making in the event of a critical failure, and correct management of the load sharing to avoid crosscurrents between modules. The communication between the logic circuits of the modules is accomplished by means of a fault-tolerant dual communication BUS. In the event of a critical failure, every module will decide, by means of its logic circuit, whether the load should remain on the inverter or be transferred to the bypass. The load transfer will be conducted depending on the decision made by the majority of the modules. In order to avoid crosscurrents between the modules, a master-slave load sharing technique is adopted. The frst module becomes the master which provides the load value to be shared by the rest of the modules (slaves). If the master fails, the next module will automatically become the leading master.


Intelligent Module Technology (IMT)The CumulusPower™ modules are equipped with all hardware (power circuits) and all software (intelligence and monitoring) functions, making them fully independent and capable of safely isolating from the multi-module system whenever an internal fault occurs. If that should happen, the remaining modules will continue to provide protected power to the critical load without interruption. The integration of hardware and software in each module enables the elimination of all single points of failure which could compromise the power of the critical application. The core technology of the CumulusPower™ product family is based in 3 Intelligent Modules sizes that can be combined to create systems from 10kVA/kW to 3MW.

For further information on Centiel’s industry-leading 99.9999999% availability and zero downtime download our availability whitepaper or read our Evaluating Availability of UPS Architecture article originally featured in Mission Critical Power Magazine.

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